Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Number Fourteen

I love looking out at the open, white glittery fields of frozen, fluffy snow. Friends and family all around chatting and telling stories and making memories. Looking about I realize how much fun I had at family get togethers and how much I missed our annual family snowmobile trip this year. It is one of those traditions you look forward to all year around and after its over you continue to tell stories and laugh about the fun times we all had. The best part about that trip was because I would not get to see my cousins to often and this was a time where we all got together and enjoy the few days we had.
This year being in Missoula I missed that experience and it seems to hit me hard. I didn’t get to pick and cut the Christmas tree like always and enjoy going fast, feeling the wind through my hair. I guess getting old does that to you. After seeing pictures of it all I do really miss it. I can see a different side though, I am moving on with my life and some times you have to sacrifice thing to get new things. I no there will be more family trips and more fun experiences I will have to come. I cannot wait for winter break and Christmas so I can go and visit with the family and see how everyone is doing!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Number 13- Sugarland

“It’s Alright, It’s Alright, It’s Alright.
Yeah, sometimes you gotta lose till you win,
Its alright, It’ll be alright again.”

This is just a verse from a song off of Sugarland’s new cd, The Incredible Machine. This cd is definitely “incredible”. Before opening this from my parents last week, I knew exactly what it was, and I could not wait to listen to it. Jennifer Nettles is an amazing song writer and I have enjoyed every one of their cd’s. This recent one has extra meaning to me because of all the songs that I feel I can relate to. Its more mellow than their others, so it's perfect for the upcoming two weeks. With studying every night I need a good song to listen to that makes me feel happy inside and help get the pain away from finals.
If you enjoy country music and an amazing country woman voice you will enjoy the band Sugarland. They really are incredible!

Monday, November 29, 2010


My Thanksgiving was fun and relaxing. Considering that I have been gone for a few months at college, in a different state it was quite nice to come home, sleep in my own big bed, take a shower without flip flops on, and have a good home cooked meal.
            My family always gets together for thanksgiving and this one defiantly felt different than normal. I had not seen my cousins and most family members the whole time I had been gone so it was fun to catch up and see how the old Spokane was doing. Not only was it nice to see the whole family it was cool to see all the old friends I had not seen in a few months. While talking to my older cousin, she said how during the first year of college you seem to miss you friends back home from high schools and after that first year, your gradually tend to miss your friends from college more. It was cool to get all the old friends back together and see how everyone else’s experiences are going and share my own but in that short amount of time I even started is miss Missoula and the new friends I have made here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Number Twelve- Turkey Day Rush

I read the story A&P by John Updike. This story was good and interesting, althought I did not really like the ending. It was getting good and I think its funny when stories have people who talk about others when they have "crushes" on them. Althought he tryed to act cool in front of the girls and told his manager he quit to act cool and it got him no where and with no job. I felt bad from the guy in the end but he should not have quit his job like that because the girls didnt even notice. This is my story that I wrote.

It was Thanksgiving night and the ground was covered in snow. After dinner her older brother and older cousins were going to take full advantage of the early morning snow fall. She decided to tag along. It was her first time and she didn’t know what they were up to. She knew it was trouble, but wasn’t going to get stuck doing dishes so she got her coat and followed. She didn’t know what they were doing, till they were almost there as if they thought she would leave if she knew what mischief they were up too. She kept asking and they finally told her, were playing a little game called Snowballing, throwing snow balls at cars.

When she first herd it she started to get nervous. She could immediately feel the sweat on her back even though it was below 10 degrees. As she tried to get rid of her nerves, they explained the plan. We will all go into the woods and make a few snowballs each. Then we will patiently wait for the speeding cars to get close enough and we will throw these accident-waiting-to-happen ice balls and see who could make the loudest thud! The spot was on a steep hill so perfect where no cars could see them.

After all four of them were hitting cars left and right for about 45 minutes they decided to hit one last car and then call it a night. So they all four waited for that next car thinking their night was soon going to be over. The guy driving that last car had different plans and they were all in for a surprise. She cocked back her ice ball and just when she saw his car come around the bend she threw.

That driver of that last car was not very happy about what happened to him. He slammed on his breaks and immediately came to a halt. When they all saw him stop, they knew it was their time to run and her heart suddenly started racing. “What do I do, Where should I go”? She ran and hid behind the first pine tree she saw.

She could hear his voice coming and knew it was then time to run again. She had to head south because that was the direction of her house and that was the only place she wanted to be at that moment. Dodging bushes and logs left and right she saw her cousin ahead. Moving her legs as fast as she thought they would go she about caught up to her cousin. In the distance they herd the cop cars approaching. What was going to happen to her she thought.

As they popped out of the forest, she recognized the street and knew she only had one more block to go and she was home safe. Huffing and puffing she ran up the drive way and took one glance back just to make sure she was fine. No one she saw and she ran in the front door. Everyone was already back and she could smell the wonderful smell of pumpkin pie her mom promised her she would make. What a Thanksgiving day rush she thought.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Number 11-Cathedrial

I feel as if at first the narrative character is very judgmental and sort of inconsiderate. He judges the man based on him being blind and doesn’t even want to give him a chance even though its his wife’s old friend. The narrative character is showing just one example of people out in the world who judge others based on a difference they might have. The narrative character does a good job of telling the story in a way where the reader can really follow along and grasp what is happening. He explains each charater clearly and the reader really feels engaged in the story.
Through the end of the story the narrative character starts to see a different side to this blind man because he begins to talk and become better friends with him. He is forces to talk to him when his wife falls asleep and helps his man understand what a cathedral is. This is the point where I feel he sees that really there is nothing different about him as a person and sees through his differences. Everyone is unique and should not be treated differently based on something like being blind!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Number TEN- Halloween

Since this is only my first few months living in Missoula, it was my first Halloween being here too. I have always liked the time of Halloween, the leaves in the streets are gorgeous and the air is always a little crisp on your nose. Missoula is not as good as back, but its better. We, as in me and a few of my freinds, dressed up and decided to get in the mood of Halloween. The whole reason of leaving home and coming to a new place was to get out and meet new people and get away from the old traditions that happened over and over. Being in Missoula was a very nice change and made the experience a lot more fun. I dressed up as Luigi as my boy freind was Mario. We had a blast and it was a great experience going around and meet tons of new people!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Number nine- Advise

1. Be Personable. Think about who you are writing too and how they will respond. Reach out to the readers and make an impact on them. Get the point across by making them think and really understand.

2. Use Personal Experience. If you use personal experience in your writing it will be a lot easier and fun for you to write. Let alone, will be more exciting for the reader and fun to feel as if the reader knows more about you. Many personal experiences show great lessons and help get points across a lot easier.

3. Be Yourself in your writing. Why would you write about something that isnt really you? While writing, write about how you actually feel and what you know is like you. Use your own personality to spice up the paper and make it reflect YOU!

4. Read your story outloud multiple times. I always have to ready my story outloud to actually get the thought to sound like how I actually want it. Also, it helps with catching little mistakes that your mind just changes as your reading over the paper in your head.

5. Before you sit down to write, get a big mug of warm tea. This will increase your motivation to want to write. It makes your stomach feel warm and fuzzy and puts you in a good writing mood. It will get rid of your other thoughts and all you will have to think about is the paper. :)